Kate Moss has splashed out on a new Porsche.

The 37-year-old supermodel has reportedly been on a mammoth spending spree since marrying Jamie Hince in July, including buying the luxury vehicle, installing a ballet room for her eight-year-old daughter Lila and an £850,000 fitness centre in her new north London home, as well as stocking her wine cellar with premium bottles of alcohol.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "This new Porsche is just the tip of the iceberg for Kate.

"Since she got married in July she's been on a massive spending spree and definitely seems to be enjoying flashing the cash.

"She spent £50,000 in the south of France on an impressive getaway villa.

"And she also ordered a whole new stock of fancy wines from Bordeaux to stock up her bulging wine cellar. She just can't seem to help herself."

Meanwhile, Kate has struck up a Friendship with one of the stars of her favourite reality TV programmes.

According to 'The Only Way is Essex' star Gemma Collins, the British beauty has even invited her to join her friends on holiday to America later this year.

Gemma - who met Kate through hairdresser James Brown - told The Sun newspaper: "I've fallen in with Kate Moss and the Primrose Hill lot so we are hanging out lots and having fun.

"Kate's invited me over to LA in December to hang out with them all.

"She is a massive 'TOWIE' fan - she's always telling me that. Imagine - I was selling cars not too long ago and now I'm hanging out with Kate Moss. It just doesn't seem real."