Kate Moss believes in ''love at first sight''.

The 43-year-old supermodel - who has 15-year-old daughter Lila with former boyfriend Jefferson Hack - doesn't see anything wrong with having sex on a first date because she thinks romantic connections are instant.

Asked if it's OK to sleep with someone on a first date, she said: ''I believe in love at first sight.''

But the British beauty - who is dating Nikolai Von Bismarck and was previously married to Jamie Hince and dated the likes of Pete Doherty and Johnny Depp - admitted she doesn't always stay friendly with her former partners when they go their separate ways.

She told Vogue magazine: ''You don't always want to stay friends with an ex.''

And Kate would take drastic measures when it comes to ending a relationship.

Asked how to let someone down gently, she said: ''Change the locks and block their number.''

Meanwhile, Kate's daughter has warned her mother she will ''actually cry'' if she grows up to find they have different sized feet.

She said: ''I'm saving a lot of my clothes for [Lila]. She said she would actually cry if she doesn't fit my shoes.''

When she's going out, Kate doesn't worry about other people being late - because she's usually the last one to turn up.

She said: ''It's unusual for someone to be later than me... except Naomi [Campbell].''

But even though she's not very punctual, Kate can get ready in a hurry if she needs to.

Asked how she would get ready in just five minutes, she said:'' Brush my teeth, brush my hair, curl my eyelashes, put a lip on and a spritz of scent.''