Kate Moss is not having a good week. After having her new clothing range slammed in the US, she was hit on the head by a flying Ice Cube on Saturday night, making her storm out of one London club.

The 33-year-old supermodel was in the Wardour Club in London's Soho at the weekend partying with friends and waiting for fiancee Pete Doherty to get in, but after an altercation with bouncers he was sent to the back of the queue, despite being due to perform.

Kate was not happy and raged at the door staff, but a source told the Mirror: "They said because he'd been rude to them he'd have to wait his turn. They told her no amount of pleading would make any difference. It was really embarrassing."

A sulking Kate then got involved in a drunken ice cube-throwing incident in the club with rockers Kasabian, who were DJing at the event, hurling a cube at the model's head.

This was the last straw for Kate, who then donned a bowler hat to cover the emerging bump and stormed out the back door to join Pete, who was waiting in a car, the paper reports.

Meanwhile, her clothing line has not gone down well in the US, with one critic dismissing her as a "working-class girl from a cr*p town".

16/04/2007 10:35:08