Best pals Kate Moss and Sadie Frost have reportedly fallen out - after the supermodel's aides banned Jude Law's ex-wife from coming near her at the NME AWARDS last week (12FEB04).

The CHANEL model was due to attend the music awards ceremony at west London nightclub PO NA NA and made plans to keep the actress and designer Frost seated as far away as possible, but failed to show on the night, citing "toothache."

An awards insider explains, "We had a call from one of Kate's friends requesting they were put on separate tables.

"The next day we had another call from the same person insisting they were seated as far away as possible from each other."

Frost's plans to party were abruptly ended after she drank so much alcohol she had to be escorted from the venue at 8.15pm.

20/02/2004 09:12