Supermodel Kate Moss has abandoned plans to make Jude Law godfather to her baby daughter, after the actor walked out on her pal Sadie Frost.

Both Jude and Sadie were due to be godparents to eight-month-old LILA GRACE - Kate's child with magazine publisher JEFFERSON HACK - when she is christened later this year (03).

But new mum Kate has ditched Jude after his split from Sadie, his wife of six years.

According to British tabloid The Sun, the model gave Frost a shoulder to cry on after her bust-up with THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY actor earlier this month.

A friend tells the newspaper, "Kate did ask both Jude and Sadie to be godparents but now she is worried it will be awkward. Kate is a very loyal person and Sadie is her best friend.

"She has hated seeing how distraught Sadie has been."

The tempestuous couple hit headlines two weeks ago (JUN03) when their nanny called emergency services in London, fearing Sadie had been assaulted by Jude. The pair were questioned by police, but Frost refused to make a complaint about her estranged husband.

17/06/2003 02:26