The feud between Kate Moss and Mick Jagger's daughter has become so intense, Jade Jagger refused to watch her father play an intimate gig because she didn't want to bump into the model.

The rift between the two party-loving beauties stems from their mutual ex-boyfriend Dan Macmillan, who sources claim was two-timing Jade with the leggy model.

After learning Kate was going to attend the Rolling Stones' gig at LONDON's ASTORIA theatre on Wednesday (27AUG03), jewellery designer Jade decided to avoid the party.

A source reveals, "Their pals had to go to ludicrous lengths to keep them apart.

"It's a bit of a shame for Mick Jagger, as obviously he would have loved his daughter to be there to see him perform. It was a really intimate venue but the chances of Kate and Jade bumping into each other were far too high.

"Kate was hanging out with Ronnie Wood's daughter LEAH, and were near the front to the VIP section wildly dancing away near Mick's girlfriend L'WREN SCOTT.

"There is real resentment between them both. They were once really good friends but it all went pear-shaped when Jade started going out with Dan.

"The three of them hung out all the time. They certainly appear to have got up to lots of interesting activities as a threesome.

"But then Jade found out that Kate and Dan had apparently been seeing each other behind her back. She dumped Dan and then he started openly dating Kate.

"Despite being a bit of a so-called bohemian crowd, they don't seem to be into free love. Jade was furious with Kate and they haven't spoken since."

29/08/2003 13:24