The grandparents of Kate Moss's daughter believe the supermodel's cocaine scandal has come as "a blessing in disguise".

TERESA and DOUGLAS HACK - parents of Moss's former love JEFFERSON HACK - were initially horrified to see pictures published in a British newspaper of the mother of their granddaughter LILA GRACE, three, allegedly taking cocaine.

But the Hacks now think the incident has forced Moss to examine how she leads her life.

Teresa says, "We were upset, shocked and hurt when we saw the pictures, but now we think the whole, horrible episode is a blessing in disguise.

"It has forced her to confront her lifestyle. Hopefully, she is getting the help she needs and can turn her back on drugs for Lila's sake.

"Lila is too young to know what is going on. All she knows is that Mummy is not around.

"But what if she had continued taking drugs? It would be much harder to protect her from the truth once she is older. I hope Kate realises that."

Moss is reportedly seeking help at the Meadows Clinic in Arizona.