Supermodel Kate Moss is so angry to hear that one of her trusted friends has been leaking stories about her 30th birthday bash to the press, she launched an investigation to catch the culprit.

The British-born beauty has become increasingly more angry after reading story after story about the antics of herself and fellow revellers at the glitzy bash last Friday (16JAN04).

And now Kate is quizzing guests including Naomi Campbell, Leah Wood, Stella Mccartney and ATOMIC KITTEN star Jenny Frost to discover who is to blame.

A source tells British tabloid The Sun, "The great Kate Moss inquisition is under way. She's determined to get to the bottom of who's putting these stories about and confront them personally.

"I don't think she really knows who she can trust at the moment and she's a bit taken aback by the whole thing.

"She thinks someone is purposefully trying to ruin her image. She is upset that her celebrations have been spoilt. Kate says nobody is above suspicion and she is pulling out all the stops to find out where it might be filtering out from."

Among the tales leaked about the wild night was the furious row between siblings MARY and Stella McCartney, and Kate's own indifference to long term partner JEFFERSON HACK.

23/01/2004 02:08