Roberto Cavalli has been awarded an honorary master's degree.

The Italian designer was presented with the award yesterday (19.06.13) by Milian's Domus Academy - a fashion and design school - in recognition of his role as an Italian fashion ambassador across the globe.

The 72-year-old fashion legend - who is set to release an autobiography in October - gave a brief speech to a group of enthusiastic students explaining his career highlights and what he hopes to achieve in the near future.

The designer previously admitted Victoria Beckham is one of fashion's best-loved icons and branded her an ''actress of fashion'' because of how influential her personal style is.

He said: ''Victoria Beckham, she is in my heart ... I remember when she asked me to design the Spice Girls costumes for the reunion in 2008, I was so surprised and pleased because I really didn't like the competition - Dolce & Gabbana.

''When someone wears a dress really well, I describe them as an actress of fashion, rather than a model. That's what Victoria is - an actress of clothes because she interprets what she wears.''

Roberto also revealed he'd like to dress Britain's Duchess of Cambridge in one of his more daring and glamorous gowns to break away from the ladylike look that she usually favours.

He said: ''A princess should be sexy. She is young, she is beautiful - I would like to create something special for her, but nothing too bold. I would like to prove to the world that Roberto Cavalli can dress a princess.''