Britain has welcomed Kate Middleton into its monarchy with open arms and so, it would appear, have the royal family themselves, the Mirror reports today (March 26, 2012). Prince Edward says of the young royal "Catherine is doing very well. She has taken to royal life like a duck to water." He goes on to say "She's very gracious and the family is very proud of her."
Recognising the difficulties faced by the Duchess of Cambridge, the Prince said "It was never going to be easy for Catherine as the whole world is watching her every move. She's dealt with it very well though and I think Catherine can only grow in confidence now her first official engagements are out of the way." Kate has been on a number of official public engagements with the Queen recently. She joined the Queen and Prince Philip on the first step of their Diamond Jubilee tour in Leicester and also joined her at a royal appearance at Fortnum and Mason in London recently. Her husband, Prince William and his younger brother Harry are also credited as having protected Kate as she makes the transition into dealing with life in the public eye. "I think William and Harry, as well as my brother, have tried their best to make her transition into public life as gentle as possible," said Edward.
Kate's family, however, have found themselves in a spot of bother with their local council, over plans to extend their 1.5 million country home. The Daily Mail reported on Saturday (March 24, 2012) that Bucklebury Parish Council have opposed their plans on the basis that they constitute 'overdevelopment.'