Kate Middleton stepped out on a solo jaunt, the first since her husband Prince William jetted off to spend six weeks on military duty for the UK in the currently turbulent Falklands region - in a situation that bears ominous echoes of those that saw a mini-war erupt between Britain and Argentina 30 years ago. However if Middleton was nervous at her husband's well being, she nevertheless concealed well and acted as a perfect guest as she attended a Lucian Freud portrait exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery.
Looking lovely in tweed, Middleton was greeted by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, as well as gallery director Sandy Nairne whom escorted her around the exhibition, according to ArtLyst. Others at the event included the photographer and daughter of Paul and Linda Mccartney, Mary Mccartney and daughter of Lucian Freud himself, Bella Freud.
It's also been revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge will be receiving her own portrait, as commissioned through the National Portrait Gallery. Gallery director Nairne said "It's very early days, but we've started a discussion. It will be at least the summer before there's anything concrete and we can start to look for an artist," continuing "It's very exciting. She came to see us last September when she was deciding which organisations to support. She was fizzing with intelligent questions."