Kate Middleton and Prince William will not divorce.

Tom Bradbry - who is a personal friend of the prince and was granted the newly-engaged couple's only TV interview yesterday (16.11.10) - declared he will "eat his hat" if they ever part ways as the pair are very deeply in love.

He said: "I think there are a lot of things that are very clear to me about William and Kate - they'll never get divorced. I'll eat my hat if they ever get divorced. I think they'd rather be miserable than get divorced; they understand their position in life is to stay together no matter what."

The journalist also thinks the Kate and William - who is second in line to the British throne - won't be under as much scrutiny as the young royal's parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

Speaking to 'This Morning', Tom added: "I don't think they will be miserable and I think they've thought a lot about it. About their love, their relationship, and I think it's very noticeable ever since the phone hacking scandal the number of royal stories have dropped off somewhat so I think they'll be able to live their lives in private much more than the Diana and Charles era."