The Australian hunk joins the all-female reboot of the 1984 classic as Kevin, the Ghostbusters' receptionist - a role originally played by actress Annie Potts. Chris first dipped his toe into comedy with last year's (15) Vacation after making a name for himself in Hollywood as Marvel hero Thor, but was a complete natural in the funny flick, impressing co-stars Kate and Melissa McCarthy.

“After we filmed our first scene with him, Melissa and I went to the bathroom together and she said, ‘Does he have a team of writers in his pocket or something? What is going on?’" Kate recalled to Entertainment Weekly. "He was throwing out the most insane, hilarious stuff in the most deadpan, handsome way and it was just perfect. Plus, he’s just a great guy. Big fan.”

Director Paul Feig was also bowled over by Chris' performance, especially since he reassured the actor he didn't need to improvise when reading his lines. It was during a scene in which Kevin interviews for the Ghostbusters, also comprised of Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones, that the filmmaker first got a look at Chris' comical skills.

“I remember looking at (co-screenwriter) Katie (Dippold) like, 'Did you write that for him?' And she said no. He just turned out to be this amazing improviser,” Paul smiled.

Kristen gushed that it was like they had known their co-star for 20 years, and everyone immediately "fell in love with him" as they tried to get their heads around such a big name being a part of the cast. Although the role was originally written as a "snarky" character, Paul was quick to switch it up for the handsome star to reflect his lovable personality.