Kate Mara's family don't approve of her stripping on screen.

The 30-year-old actress is currently starring in the Netflix original series 'House of Cards' alongside Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and admits she has to warn her parents if she takes her clothes off in any of the scenes.

She said: ''They [my parents] don't love it that I occasionally have to take off certain items of clothing. We sort of have an unspoken rule of, if my character on 'House of Cards' or during a photo-shoot I have to be in my underwear or something, I sort of send out a family text about it.

'''Beware of the first 30 seconds of 'House of Cards' - you will be disturbed.'''

Kate has always tried to reassure her family about her on-screen antics and says her phrase 'It's just acting dad' has become so popular in her household, her father has named his racehorse after it.

Speaking on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' last night (18.02.14), she said: ''I sort of told my dad from a very young age that, 'It's just acting dad', so it's in his brain now. He owns a horse, a racehorse, that he recently called 'it's just acting dad' so I think he's used to it now.''