Kate Mara is desperate to ''chop'' off all of her hair.

The 34-year-old actress has admitted has only ever drastically changed her hairstyle for a movie role, and because she is ''obsessed'' with short hair at the moment she is keen to hack off her locks, but she won't be able to carry out the extreme makeover any time soon because of her job.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''Every time I've done something to my hair it's for a role. Forever, I had hair down to my a**. It had never been dyed before. Everyone was like 'We love the fact you have this hippie-like long hair'...Now, I'm obsessed with short hair. Right now, I feel like I'm dying to chop it all off, but I can't for work reasons. I think it's fun. The season is changing and we're always shifting...You're hair is such a big part of expressing yourself.

''Beyond. I've been growing it out now, because I didn't know what I was going to be working on, but I had a feeling that I was going to playing somebody that was going to have long hair.''

And the 'Fantastic Four' star has admitted she ''hates'' having hair extensions, and putting in false hair pieces is ''torture'' for her.

She said: ''I hate having extensions. It's like torture to me, so I'm growing it out naturally, but still looking for any reason to chop it off.''

Kate has revealed her beauty routine is ''really simple'', and she had carried out the same regime ''every single day''.

She explained: ''I do the same thing every single day and night. It's really simple. When I wake up in the morning, all I do, besides rinse my face off, is put on moisturizer. I can't leave the house without doing that. And, I always put on an SPF after that, because we are in California and my skin is so fair. That's it.

''When I'm not working, I just do my best to keep it really simple. It's better for your skin that way.

''My make-up bag is really simple.

''I've been using the same makeup remover towelettes for ever - like fifteen years now. They're Ponds. I use that religiously. I also use Koh Gen Do...It feels like you're just using water. You don't have to scrub to get the mascara or eyeliner.''

But Kate will experiment more with her style for a red carpet event.

She said: ''Unless I'm on a red carpet, and want to do a really bold lip, day-to-day, I like really natural lip colour.

''Fall is my favourite time of the year, because of the colours. I'm obsessed with oranges, browns and golds. I have natural auburn, red hair. I think those colours are complimentary to the red hair.''