Kate Mara isn't enthusiastic about planning her own wedding.

The 34-year-old actress - who is engaged to English actor Jamie Bell - has revealed that her fiance is more excited about planning their special day than she is.

She shared: ''I don't love planning. I like planning in my life in general, but wedding planning, I'm just not that interested. Like, 'What kind of spoon do you want on the table?' I'm just so uninterested, but Jamie is very interested.''

By contrast, Kate said her husband-to-be - who she jokingly referred to as the ''bride'' - is very keen to plan the finer details of their wedding.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon', Kate said: ''I will say, 'I don't care', and he will immediately give a response of exactly the colour and the shape - well the shape is obvious.''

Kate's family are the owners of the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers American football teams.

And the actress revealed Jamie made a concerted effort to learn as much about the sport as possible when they first started dating.

She said: ''He learned all about the Giants for me.

''He spent a night and had his friends come over and watch an entire season of the New York Giants. He knows more about it than I do.''

Despite this, Kate recently admitted it's ''tricky'' dating another actor.

The Hollywood star said that because of their chaotic working schedules, they struggle to find time to be together.

She said: ''I think in our business, it's always a little bit tricky to navigate things because it's not like a normal job where you know where you're going to be the next year, let alone the next day. You just don't.''