Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have reportedly fallen out and sources close to the couple claim they have split on bad terms.

Eonline reports that the couple are no longer on speaking terms following an argument over OWEN flirting with other women while filming in Miami for the film MARLEY and ME.

The source said: "They haven't been getting along really for most of the time they've been back together. OWEN can be a moody guy, very up and very down. And Kate is so upbeat, it was hard for her to take."

The couple had previously split up last year but reunited in February.

OWEN WILSON was born in 1968 in Texas and has appeared in films such as MEET THE PARENTS, ZOOLANDER, THE Wedding Crashers, RUSHMORE, Starsky And Hutch, SHANGHAI NOON and YOU, ME and DUPREE.

KATE HUDSON is the daughter of film star Goldie Hawn and BILL HUDSON.

16/05/2008 16:43:19