Kate Hudson's son and singer Sia were the people who shaved her hair for an upcoming film role.

The 38-year-old actress had to shear off her locks for upcoming musical 'Sister' which is directed by the 42-year-old 'Cheap Thrills' singer and she revealed she had help from the duo to transform her long blonde locks into a short buzz cut for the role but she wasn't prepared for how it would feel to rock the bold look after filming had finished.

Speaking on Lorraine (23.03.18) the 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' actress explained: ''I shaved the whole thing. I did a film with Sia, a musical, and we shaved it off. My little one and Sia took clippers to it. It's funny because when you're doing it for a role you don't really think about it because you're just ready for it, you're like 'let's do this' but when it was done, it was like, 'Oh, my head's shaved ... oh my god!'.''

After the initial shock, Kate learnt to embrace her new hairstyle and admitted she ''missed'' it because her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa used to rub her shaved head until she fell asleep.

She said: ''I really loved it, I actually miss it. My boyfriend used to rub my head and it would put me right to sleep, and I'll never forget that sensation of just falling asleep to him rubbing my head and I'd never felt anything like that before.

The screen beauty - the daughter of Goldie Hawn - urged women to take the plunge and try the hairstyle for themselves because it feels ''liberating''.

She said: ''I honestly think a women in her life at one point just needs to chop it all off, it's so liberating. People look at you differently.''

Kate is about to launch her first store for her fitness company Fabletics and admits she likes to do 'fun' exercises like her friend's Pop Fit class to keep her motivated.

She said: ''My company Fabletics are opening our own presence in London fields. My friend Stephanie is opening a studio called pop fit and it's a method of exercise which is really fun, I've been doing it for a while with her and its dance based but easy to follow and I think women are really going to love it. She wanted to bring a more American approach to fitness to London.

''I just know when I was living here, I wish we had a pop fit.

''You have to have fun doing it, sometimes it's not fun. Sometimes you'd rather just have a lie in and eat some cake.''