Kate Hudson loves to do her friends' make-up.

The 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' star often invites her pals over before premises and parties where she loves experimenting with different looks.

She told People magazine: ''I love putting make-up on friends. I do it all the time. If I'm bringing them to a premiere, or we're having a party, they'll all come over early and I'll do their make-up. I love it.''

''I love that side of make-up: crazy, almost Gaga-ish looks. But on a daily basis I'm as quick and natural as possible.

''I use Almay eye liner, any lip gloss -I'm a bit obsessed - and mascara. I find that sometimes if you feel like you're looking a little tired, an extra coat can be good. It's almost more important to me than bringing powder.''

Kate's love of make-up came from playing with the products her mother Goldie Hawn's make-up artist used and she used to practise on her brother to get the look right.

She said: ''I remember my mom's makeup artist, this wonderful, old-time sort of legend in the movie industry, Tom Case, who had one little box he'd carry with him. He'd pull out just four items, and make the most incredible face with those four things.''

''[I used to practise on] my poor brother. He was kind enough to be my mannequin, and let me experiment on his face. I'd put blue eye shadow on him and we'd laugh.''