Kate Hudson claims she never wanted to be famous.

The 'Reluctant Fundamentalist' star - whose was raised by her actress mother Goldie Hawn and step-father Kurt Russell - admits it was difficult growing up with well known parents and she didn't like that they were often away on film sets.

The 34-year-old actress told the Sunday Times Magazine: ''It takes them away from you. It isn't necessarily something where, as a child, you say, 'Oh, this is fabulous!' You feel the opposite. You go to a restaurant, you're having dinner, it's about spending time with the family, but there's all this stir and attention. It's intrusive, and you don't have the ability to understand.

''The criticism, the judgment, this influx of base, negative-focused, what some people call 'newsworthy' information -- there are moments where you just go, 'What has this world come to? I mean, really? Why is this person stalking me all day?' Who wants that? Not me.''

Kate, who is engaged to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy with whom she shares 21-month-old son Bingham, and also has a nine-year-old son Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, insists she is very careful about the film roles she chooses now because of her sons.

She explained: ''That's going to take me away from my children are movies that I really want to be a part of, because that's far more satisfying for me than... I mean, I also can't wait to do more comedies.''

The actress also makes sure that her family is together as often as possible.

She said: ''If you have the means, you can make it work.''

But the blonde beauty no longer spends too much time stressing about the paparazzi following them around the world.

She said: ''In the big scheme of things, we're all going to die, and I'm not going to be thinking about that when I'm dying.''