Kate Hudson likes to work up a sweat when she exercises.

The 'Almost Famous' actress doesn't attend a fancy gym and prefers outdoorsy activities to get her blood pumping such as a rough-and-tumble football game in the garden with her sons Bingham, two, and Ryder, nine.

She said: ''I'll go on a hike or I'll play football with the kids. The goal for me is to just get in a good sweat. [Or] I'll try to go somewhere that has a sauna... I just want to sweat. For me, if I break a sweat, I'm doing something right!''

The 34-year-old star - who has just launched her own fitness clothing line, Fabletics - never deprives herself of her favourite Italian foods or tipple of choice, wine, and instead believes in having everything in moderation.

She told E! Online: ''I love food, I'm a bit of a foodie and I travel a lot. One of things I love about travel is finding the spots where I get to eat yummy food...so no, I don't follow any specific diet.

''I watch what I'm doing. If there's a couple too many cocktails or pizzas or things like that, I'll just say 'Whoops!' I want to be healthy, but also not have to starve myself of the things I love...like wine!''