Kate Hudson rarely had ''fancy things'' as a child.

The 34-year-old actress- who followed her mum Goldie Hawn into the acting industry - admits she used to rummage through her mum's wardrobe when she was growing up but never wore designer clothes because Goldie wasn't into buying the high-end gear.

Speaking to People magazine, Goldie said: ''She [Kate] was always her own stylist. If she picked and chose through my closet it was completely out of curiosity... I was not a buyer of fancy clothes, Katie will tell you. I think she remembers a few fancy things I got her, but she created her own style.''

Kate added: ''We weren't a big clothes-buying family, except for back to school. We were more of an active family, dance and sports; going shopping was really a treat when it happened.''

The blonde babe is envious of her 67-year-old mother and wishes she could have been a child in the 60s or 70s because fashion was at its best.

She explained: ''I was actually looking at pictures of mom in the '70s that were amazing. Her hair was stringy and wavy and her eyes, her eyelashes, the mascara was incredible and she has this big coat on. Mommy got to live in a time, the '60s, '70s and '80s, so much fun.''