Kate Hudson is "not sure" she wants to move to London full-time.

The US-based actress is currently expecting her first child with British rocker Matt Bellamy - from band Muse - but is not sure if she wants to live in the UK permanently, although she does admit to loving the weather.

She said: "I'll obviously be spending a lot more time in London bit I'm not sure about moving - not yet!

"We'll probably split it 50/50 - I do love it here and surprisingly I do love the weather. It's so nice to have seasons."

Los Angeles-based Kate - the daughter of Goldie Hawn - also enjoys British fashion stores, and plans to stock up on clothes to take back with her to the US.

She told The Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I heard Topshop has a maternity department, which sounds amazing, so I'm going to have to go there.

"I love clothes and I love to shop while I'm here."