Kate Hudson thinks the fashion industry needs to reduce its waste.

The 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' star has branded the clothing industry as very ''irresponsible'' for being so wasteful.

She told Stella magazine: ''I love fashion and I always have, but the more you get involved in it, the more you see how irresponsible the industry has been with waste. We've spent so long thinking that more means more luxurious, when we need to start thinking that simplicity is more beautiful. It's time to start being more responsible.''

Kate is taking that thought into her own brand and is launching an environmentally-friendly womenswear line, HappyxNature that combines the ''best of boho sophistication with a natural feel''.

Announcing it on Instagram, she said: ''Our story is a love story really. A love of nature and all things natural. We love how nature makes beauty look so easy and effortless. And, that's been our inspiration for our fashion and for our commitment to the environment. Our goal is simple - making you and nature happy with easy, free-spirited fashion that minimises our impact on non-renewable resources. From the factories and mills we choose to packaging and garment tags, we'll explore every option, always looking for eco-aware solutions.''