Kate Hudson says a healthy gut is the key to wellbeing.

The 38-year-old actress and fashion entrepreneur is a firm believer that beauty and health can be seen on the outside if you get what's going on inside your body right.

Kate recommends that everyone makes sure that they have a ''clean'' gut and ingest a probiotic every day as that will improve everything else in your body.

Speaking to Vogue.co.uk, she said: ''For me, gut health is a focus. That is where I think all the science is leading towards. How to clean your gut and have a healthy gut and how that informs how you live and how your brain is functioning and how your body is functioning. There's a wellspring of information out there. Even probiotics alone, I mean everyone should be taking a probiotic. We have to fill our gut with the good stuff and help it get rid of the bad stuff.''

Kate - whose mother is Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn - is also a big advocate of facial massage to keep her skin looking fresh and youthful.

The 'Deepwater Horizon' regularly goes makeup free because her skin looks so good and wrinkle-free and she says massage is a big part of her routine and she has various tools at her home so she can do it herself in front of her bemused sons, Ryder, 14, and seven-year-old Bingham with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy.

Kate - who launched her athleisure brand Fabletics with TechStyle in 2013 - said: ''I really believe in facial massage. We can be so delicate with our faces but sometimes to get right in there, it really brings everything to the surface and is so great for the skin. I love it, but it's so hard to get it. I'll ask places, 'Do you do facial massage?' And they do, but like, only as part of some certain facial, for 15 minutes. And I wanna say, 'No, I want the whole thing to be facial massage!' But I do it at home. I have all these tools for it, all these wands. Ryder will be doing his homework and I'm there next to him, wanding!''