Kate Hudson wants to improve the workplace for women.

The 38-year-old actress and entrepreneur launched her athleisure brand Fabletics with TechStyle in 2013 and it has quickly become one of the fashion group's best-selling brands, with over one million members and shipping to 10 countries worldwide, but the 'Bride Wars' star wants all businesses to reflect the Time's Up movement which takes action against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Speaking in London during a Q&A organized by the British Fashion Council, she explained: ''On the heels of what happened, we got together to see what we can do to create a movement for all women in all workplaces. It's not just about Hollywood, the justice system is the way to fight a cause.''

The blonde beauty - who is the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn - originally wanted to create a dress line, but thought athletic wear would make more sense to the fans who will buy her products because of her interest in leading a fun and healthy lifestyle.

She explained: ''I first thought I was going to be doing dresses, but when I sat down and thought about what I could offer to a company and to my partners, athletic wear made a lot of sense.

''It was about taking away the stigma that you have to be a crazy yogi or an athlete to wear printed leggings. The collections resonated quickly because they brought a sense of fun while still incorporating the right technology.''

Fabletics offers a subscription service to customers who pay a monthly fee which is redeemable against the products, and can be cancelled at any time, and although Kate says the unique business model was confusing at first, she believes it's one of the reasons the brand has been so successful and means she can take ''more risks'' with the designs she creates.

She said: ''It became more like a membership, and now the platform offers more flexibility,'' said Hudson. ''It was confusing at the beginning but we cleared it all up and everyone is now following suit.

''It also means we can take more risks than if we were seasonal. We tend to try new designs with small buys and they often end up becoming our bestsellers.''