Kate Hudson found it "bizarre" when she died on screen.

The 31-year-old actress - who recently worked on thriller 'The Killer Inside Me' with Jessica Alba and Casey Affleck - admits she struggled to watch back scenes where her alter-ego passed away after a "brutal" attack.

According to Absolute Now, she said: "It feels a little weird. It's definitely not the funnest thing to watch. It's brutal. Watching yourself die is just bizarre. The process of dying is bizarre because you, obviously, have nothing to draw on but other movies."

In the film, Kate's alter-ego Amy Stanton is killed by her partner, Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford - played by Casey - who turns out to be a secret psychopathic killer.

Kate is not the only star who was upset by the movie.

Jessica - who plays Joyce Lakeland in the Michael Winterbottom-directed movie - recently admitted she also found it difficult to watch.

She said: "It stays with you, especially this. It's a difficult movie to shoot and it's difficult to watch. It's about a very dark subject so I think if you are being true and authentic then it does definitely affect you."