The blonde actress is a regular user of the picture application, boasting over four million followers and 569 posts. Her mum Goldie Hawn joined earlier this year (16) and regularly shares humorous snaps and short videos.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (26Apr16), Kate was shown a clip that Goldie had posted showing her drinking some water and spitting it out, before telling the camera: "I couldn't swallow fast enough."

"I think my mom's Instagram posts are totally crazy, in the best way," Kate giggled to the talk show host. "She does her own (videos). Yeah... that's mom! I'm telling you, she's either... I don't know what's going on. But sometimes I feel like commenting to Kevin (Systrom) at Instagram, who owns Instagram, that he needs to take down her Instagram account. He needs to monitor my mother's Instagram account. There's too many green juices, I'm like pressing 'abusive content'."

While her mum can't get enough of social media, father figure Kurt Russell - who Goldie has been in a relationship with since 1983 - isn't so keen. Despite him "hating" phone programmes like Instagram and Snapchat, Kate did reveal the Hollywood actor is a fan of texting.

"Maybe in 20 years Kurt will be like... Then he'd do Snapchat," the Almost Famous star laughed. "He loves to text and he's a great emoji user. And he loves Bitmojis (a personal cartoon avatar). I think he even has a Snake Plissken Bitmoji (from his film Escape from New York)... He's very prolific with his emojis, which is surprising because you'd think Kurt Russell would be very (pulls serious face), but no, he loves an emoji."

She also joked about how Kurt can take up to an hour to form a message and he often participates in a group chat with his co-stars from The Hateful Eight.