Kate Hudson's teenage son Ryder is her ''little helper''.

The 39-year-old actress welcomed her daughter Rani - her first child with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa - three months ago, and has said that now her oldest son Ryder, whom she has with ex-husband Chris Robinson, is a teenager, he's become her ''mate in the journey of Rani'' as he lends a hand around the house.

Kate - who also has Bingham, seven, with former fiance Matt Bellamy - said:

''I think if you have a lot of kids under a certain age, it's really crazy. Ryder is like - he's got it. He's good. He doesn't need much from me right now except real support and being there for him, but he doesn't need the same kind of nurturing as he did. It's a different kind of nurturing.

''He checks out and he goes to his room, does his homework, comes back down. He comes plays with Rani for a bit, but it's not like he needs the same thing.

''I really kind of have two kids that I have to be super hands on with, whereas Ryder's my mate in the journey of Rani. He's my little helper. Bing's a good helper, too.''

But the 'Bride Wars' star insists she'd ''never'' let 15-year-old Ryder babysit his siblings.

She added: ''I will never let Ryder babysit. I love my son, but he's not babysitting. I'd probably let Bing babysit before I let Ryder babysit.''

And after raising two boys, Kate is so pleased she now gets to parent a baby girl.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''I would have been happy with a boy, but I have to say having a girl is pretty spectacular and very different. She's quite a feminine girl. You never know what energetically how they're going to come out and she's very feminine. The sounds are feminine. Her hands - someone said she just vogues. She's voguing all the time. Her hands are always framing her face ... she's such a good girl.''