Kate Hudson admitted that creating a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious fashion brand has been challenging.

The 40-year-old actress' latest collection for her brand HappyXNature was created in collaboration with Repreve, a provider of material created from recycled plastic bottles and Kate admitted it hasn't always been easy.

She told WWD: ''At this point, there isn't one thing that's in design that doesn't have an eco element to it. Everything is conscious and yet we're selling a $78 dress. Or, something that would normally be a $450 dress, we're selling at $250. A lot of it is 100 percent recycled.

''I have to be honest, it's not easy. There are some things that are easy that if people aren't doing, they're just not being responsible. But at the end of the day, you run these big businesses and by changing the way you do things, your entire business could fall.''

And Kate is passionate about encouraging the fashion industry to be more sustainable.

She said: ''For people who are trying to shift, we have to give them the space to change over the way they do things. It's an industry that is never going to go away. Everybody loves fashion. People have to wear clothes -- I mean, they don't have to. You know, some places clothing is optional. The reality is, there's high fashion that's going to set the trend, but we need people who are making affordable clothing to change their practices. That's really why I'm doing this. And I love clothes.''