Actress Kate Hudson made the most of her mother Goldie Hawn's time away from California - by throwing a party in her empty house.

The pregnant Almost Famous beauty flung open the doors to her mother's stunning Pacific Palisades country house on Tuesday (23SEP03) to party with some celebrity pals and raise money for two children's charities.

The fundraiser, held each year in a celebrity's home and co-hosted by KATE CAPSHAW, Rita Wilson and IN STYLE magazine and a clothing designer, drew such stars as Kristin Davis, Geena Davis, Camryn Manheim, Sheryl Crow, Mena Suvari and KIM DELANEY.

The label of choice this year (03) was CHANEL, which put on its first ever Haute Couture fashion show held in America.

But Hudson had one huge problem with the fashion items on display - she can't her six-months-pregnant frame into the any of the outfits.

She admits, "It was definitely painful."

The event, to benefit the CHILDREN'S ACTION NETWORK and WESTSIDE CHILDREN'S CENTER, expected to raise more than $100,000 (GBP625,000).

Hawn is currently spending time at her home in Vancouver, Canada.

25/09/2003 21:30