Kate Hudson would be happy to have another child.

The 39-year-old actress - who has Ryder, 15, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, Bingham, seven, with former fiance Matt Bellamy, and Rani, three months, with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa - won't rule out having more kids in the future and thinks her boyfriend is particularly keen to have a son of his own.

She said: ''I love babies. I mean, if it happens again, it happens again, you know? I'm never going to say no.

''I think that Danny is going to want a boy of his own for sure. Granted, he's inherited two boys - and it's a lot in the house. But he comes from three boys. So I think that, yeah. We'll see.''

The 'Marshall' actress is delighted with the ''really cute'' way her sons have bonded with their baby sister.

She told 'Access': ''It's really cute to see them with her. They can't stand how cute she is. It's completely different than when Ryder had his brother. [He] was like, ''When can he play? When can he do things?' They want to teach [them] everything they know.

''Then, a little girl comes in and they're just like, 'Oooh!' It's like having a little ornament.

''It's really amazing to watch how her energy coming in is sort of calming the boys - until they get outside.''

Now Rani is sleeping through the night and growing stronger every day, Kate is getting more time to focus on herself.

She said: ''Usually, I start doing a lot of self-care about three and a half months, four months. I start working out a little bit harder.''

The 'Almost Famous' star was recently named a global ambassador for Weight Watchers and has found the programme very helpful.

She said: ''You start pulling back on things that became kind of your norm, and the next thing you know, you feel better. You're sleeping better. You know your head's a bit clearer. You're moving faster.''