Pregnant Kate Hudson is looking forward to raising her baby on the road with her rocker hubby Chris Robinson.

The LE DIVORCE star says she is aware the child will have a unique lifestyle with artistic parents and superstar grandparents Goldie Hawn and KURT RUSSELL, but she is confident life will be interesting.

Kate, 24, says, "We've thought very clearly about what that will mean, because Chris spends a lot of his time on tour.

"But, if I was a kid, to grow up on the road on a tour bus with all these fascinating characters and your family would be so much fun.

"Obviously, we wouldn't be on the road all the time. There's school and there'd be times when I'd be working so I'd be at home or on location.

"But if I'm not working and Chris is on tour, we'll just take the family on the bus and we'll all live on the road. It'll be great."

07/10/2003 02:58