Kate Hudson doesn't see marriage as the ''golden ticket'' to a successful relationship.

The 35-year-old actress has been engaged to her rocker beau Matthew Bellamy for over three years but doesn't want to rush down the aisle as she wants to savour the moments building up to her big day.

Speaking in the new issue of Women's Health magazine, she said: ''We're working, it's a long engagement. I think the best part is that knowing you're working towards the idea of a commitment that is hopefully as long of a stretch as you can pull it - and forever seems beautiful.''

Speaking about her mother Goldie Hawn and her longtime boyfriend Kurt Russell, she added: ''My parents aren't married. And one of the reasons why they never got married is because they had been married before and they liked it the way it was.

''They didn't feel like they needed a piece of paper to be committed. So for me, I know that marriage is not a golden ticket.''

The blonde beauty recently admitted she already feels married to Matthew, with whom she has three-year-old son Bingham, and rarely wears her nine-carat diamond engagement ring because she thinks it's ''a little much.''

She said previously: ''We are basically married. It's really about when are we going to take the time to plan a wedding. [I'm not wearing my engagement ring] because it can be...a little much. I like to wear my push gift [another ring] for pushing out Bing.''

Kate also has 10-year-old son Ryder from her previous relationship with ex-husband Chris Robinson.