The veteran filmmaker directed Kate's mum Goldie Hawn in the 1987 romantic comedy Overboard, when the Almost Famous beauty was just eight years old.

Three decades later, Kate has reunited with Garry for another romantic comedy, and like her mum before her, Kate brought her two young sons, Ryder, 11, and Bingham, four, to work with her, to give them a glimpse into life on set.

And Kate tells Entertainment Tonight that having her kids with her turned out to be very emotional, since she waxed nostalgic about her time with Garry 30 years ago.

"When I was on Overboard as a kid, he liked to let the kids yell out, like 'Action!' or 'Rolling!'," Kate explained. "And I remember being that little kid on his set. Now I watch Ryder and he's sitting with Garry and we both sort of had an emotional moment. Garry looked at me and said, 'Well, life'."

Overboard also holds a special place in Kate's heart since her mum's love interest on the film was also her real-life beau Kurt Russell, who Kate has dubbed her adopted father since the pair began dating in 1984.

Kate discussed the importance of Overboard in a 2014 Entertainment Weekly podcast, explaining her younger brother Wyatt Russell "took his first steps on Overboard," adding, "It's so funny. I guess from the outside... for us, it was just mom and dad working, and that was cool because it was summer and they were together. It was sort of normal for us. But, yeah, Overboard... we were on set the whole time."