Kate Hudson says her mother Goldie Hawn taught her how to be confident and happy with her body.

The 'Nine' star insists her actress mum told her to never worry or be overly conscious of her looks, and it was this advice which gave her the confidence to take on the sexy role of Penny Lane in her breakthrough film 'Almost Famous'.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I was not concerned about the sexual content. My mom always celebrated the female body so she gave me confidence. I felt that when I started becoming a woman and getting my figure, it was celebrated.

"I have been able to deal with the pressures of Hollywood, thanks to those early lessons from my mom."

Kate - who has four-year-old son Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, and is now expecting a baby with her current partner, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy - intends to pass on Goldie's words of wisdom to her own children.

The 31-year-old blonde said: "I will instil in my children the idea you should always be open about your body - though you should respect your body."

Kate also credits her fantastic figure to her 65-year-old mother teaching her the importance of eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise from a young age.

She added: "She also advised me not to start going on crash diets or become obsessed with my weight, which is all very Hollywood.

"So I started eating properly at the age of 16, getting on a regime in which I'd get more energy. So I don't eat wheat or dairy.

It is really simple. I became used to it very quickly and I don't crave stuff. I occasionally cheat, with a sandwich which has great French bread and cheese - but not often."