Movie actress Kate Hudson has forgiven biological father BILL HUDSON for his absence during her childhood - and now the pair are firm friends.

The ALMOST FAMOUS star puts her ability to be mature about the situation down to the way she was brought up by her mother Goldie Hawn and her partner Kurt Russell.

And Kate - who's expecting a child next year (04) with rocker husband CHRIS ROBINSON - cites family life is the most important thing, and so wants to maintain contact with her father.

The 24-year-old says, "We run into each other in the supermarket all the time. Thanks to my upbringing, we've got a good relationship today.

"I love him the way he is and I don't reproach him for anything. I'm a slave to my family. I would prefer to be together with all of my relatives all of the time.

"I can hardly wait to give birth to this little person. When it happens it will be the most beautiful thing I've experienced. But at the moment I'm just enjoying being pregnant."

16/12/2003 16:56