Kate Hudson says her fashion tastes haven't changed since becoming famous.

The 'Fools Gold' actress admitted that she prefers to stick to a certain type of clothes and is not worried about keeping up to date with the latest trends.

She said: "When it comes to clothes, my personal style has never changed. I'm very specific about the things I like - a lot of printed dresses, lots of different textures. I can't get away from flowing things. I don't like clothes that constrict me. It's, like, 'Would you like to put some clothes on?' 'No, I wouldn't!'"

The 31-year-old Hollywood star also revealed that it helps to have friends who are involved with fashion. She said: "I've got a lot of friends in The Fashion industry and I have so much respect for them - they work so hard. Stella Mccartney dresses me. What I love about her is that everything she designs is comfortable. She understands where women want to cover themselves, where they want things to be flattering."

Kate - who says she exercises for at least two hours every day- claims she doesn't worry about people judging her appearance.

She told Elle magazine: "I don't have enough time on this planet to worry about things like that."