Kate Hudson is a huge fan of karaoke.

The actress sings for her role as Stephanie Necrophuros in new musical movie 'Nine' and admits she was never worried about displaying her vocal talents on the big screen because she likes to sing for fun.

She said: "People who know me know that I'm the annoying person at the party who always sings. I just can't help it. I sing the national anthem, anything. Now I guess my secret is out."

Although Kate is comfortable singing in the film, her co-star Daniel Day-Lewis didn't think his singing and dancing was good enough for him to star in 'Nine'.

The Oscar-winning actor - who plays Italian film director Guido Contini in the hotly-anticipated film - had a crisis of confidence and asked the director Rob Marshall if there was anyone else who could take his role.

He said: "I did say to Rob in the early stages, 'Is there anyway of getting out of this? I have a list of actors who could do it tomorrow!' He tried to convince me I could sing and I said, 'You've no idea if I can sing or not!'

"I sang feebly a couple of times, and on the grounds of that Rob managed to convince me it was worth pursuing."