Actress Kate Hudson has launched a bitter attack on tabloid newspapers, accusing them of printing "lies" about her trips out in public.
The Fool's Gold actress - who spends much of her downtime indoors - is so sick of reading false accounts of her social evenings on the town, she rarely gives "mean" journalists the opportunity to write untruths about her.
However, far from feeling hateful towards the perpetrators of such fabricated journalism, Hudson is convinced they will ultimately get the comeuppance they deserve.
She says, "I try to find time to go out and have fun, but every time I do, which isn't very often, I end up in some tabloid with some lie. I don't like that - I don't like being a target for people who feel they can be mean.
"They way I look at is, it's their karma. They have to live with themselves. Can you imagine being the kind of person who could sit there writing that stuff? I mean, talk about karma. It will come back and bite you in the ass."