Kate Hudson was furious after learning her two-and-a half year old son RYDER was injured by an older child while playing in a New York City park on Monday (17JUL06). The star was in town doing publicity for her new movie YOU, ME AND DUPREE, when she received a call that her son had been involved in an accident. She explains, "Ryder had his first big accident today. He's fine. "Ryder was at the park and some big kid that's like nine-years-old or something was in the wrong area, knocked him over, and he hit his lip and busted his lip open and got all bruised everywhere. "I got that call that is like the worst call to get, 'There's been an accident at the park...' "But thank God I wasn't there, I would have drop-kicked that kid to like the West Side Highway. I would have been so mad! I would have been like, 'Where are his parents?!' "He's really into the cowboy thing, so he immediately looked at himself in the mirror and got on his horse and said, 'I'm a real cowboy now!' He took it like a little man."