Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson has warned the paparazzi not to photograph her son. Hudson has a two-year-old son, RYDER RUSSELL, with her Black Crowes singer husband Chris Robinson and is incensed when photographers snap the young tot. She says, "The only thing that bugs me is my son. When people are taking pictures of your kid, he doesn't know what he wants. He is two-and-a-half years old. "He doesn't choose that, and I think that's unfair. I try not to focus on it too much for his sake because that could be dangerous." The Oscar-nominated star knows from her own experience as a celebrity offspring how unsettling cameras can be for a child. Her mother Goldie Hawn divorced Hudson's biological father shortly after she was born before getting together with Kurt Russell, who Hudson considers to be her father. Hudson remembers how strict he was with photographers, saying, "If we were with my dad he was like 'not with my kids'. Nobody would ever take a picture, ever. "The only time I remember it (got out of hand) was at Heathrow Airport. It scared me because it was so weird and foreign to me."