Hollywood babe Kate Hudson has given her mother Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell nicknames for their new roles as grandparents - GOGO and GOGI.

The ALMOST FAMOUS star and rocker husband Chris Robinson welcomed their son RYDER RUSSELL ROBINSON into the world on 7 January (04).

Hudson, 25, admits her glamourous mother, 58, seems too young-at-heart to be called grandmother.

She explains, "I call her Gogo. I don't really call her Grandma. So it's Gogo, and actually Kurt's nickname is Gogi. So it kind of works out perfectly - Gogo and Gogi."

The OSCAR-nominated actress admits she got frustated by people rushing to advise her on parenting.

Hudson moans, "Being pregnant I got so much advice I just started tuning it out. I was like, 'God, if I get one more person telling me what I have to do when the baby comes I'm going to shoot 'em'.

"I have such great parents and they're my role models."

14/05/2004 17:15