Kate Hudson had a pack of coyotes "relocated" away from her Hollywood home.

The 'Nine' actress reportedly panicked at reports the group of carnivorous wild canines were lurking near the house she shares with her six-year-old son Ryder - who she had with her ex-husband Chris Robinson - and their pet cats and dogs, and immediately called in professionals to move them to the Santa Monica Mountains.

The National Enquirer reports: "Animal-lover Kate went on full alert when she got reports that a pack of coyotes had migrated down from the Hollywood Hills and invaded her Pacific Palisades property. Kate immediately contacted professional trappers, but couldn't bear putting the marauders to death, so they were trapped and relocated far away in the Santa Monica Mountains."

Coyotes are known for their violent ways, and after a string of attacks on celebrity pets, Kate was right to be worried.

Last year, Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy was snatched and killed by coyotes, as was Ozzy Osbourne's pup Little Bit and one of Katherine Heigl's pooches.