Kate Hudson's dad BILL is furious the actress honoured her adopted father Kurt Russell in the naming of her baby, branding his daughter "a viper" like her mother Goldie Hawn.

Bill Hudson - who divorced Hawn in 1979 after three years of marriage - believes the veteran actress has poisoned the ALMOST FAMOUS star's feelings toward him, and he's still desperately waiting to meet his new grandson RYDER.

But Bill admits he's devastated Ryder was given the middle name Russell in a tribute to actor Kurt - Goldie's partner for the past two decades.

He rants, "The naming of Ryder was a real slap in the face. It was like a knife being stuck through my heart.

"Kate used to be a sweet, little girl but now she is a viper, just like her mother. She has seen the way Goldie used to trash me for the sake of her career by saying I was living off her - and now Kate is carrying that on.

"It goes to show that the apple does not fall from the tree."

25/06/2004 14:03