Kate Hudson isn't exactly known for being Queen Bitch in Hollywood, so as you would imagine, the actress found her role on Glee something of a challenge, given that she had to be mean for the role.

We've been waiting excitedly for a glimpse of the Kate Hudson Glee appearance. The Bride Wars actress was taken way out of her comfort zone as she took on the role of Cassandra July, the callous dance instructor of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). She told reporters at the show's season four premier at Paramount Studios, "Being that mean for me, it's pretty difficult. It was challenging to keep a straight face."

She added that, given Rachel's age and potential, not to mention the unfulfilled ambition of her character, there is obvious jealousy on her character's behalf, saying, "I think she sees Rachel as this young, talented, cute girl, and she's just sort of bitten with jealousy and wants to make her life a bit miserable."

However they may have had to act on screen, the pair clearly had no worries getting along in real life as they regularly posted pictures of themselves on set on to Twitter during filming. Michele also said of Hudson that "She's the most down-to-earth, fun, laid-back person. I love working with her. She's just so spot-on and incredible."