Kate Gosselin says she has had to work hard for her newly toned figure, but admits to having a tummy tuck in 2006. In an interview with People Magazine, the mother of eight children said, "This is not what my stomach looked like after my tummy tuck. That only got rid of the skin. It didn't build muscle or give me definition or burn off fat. I had to do that all on my own".
The 35-year-old revealed how going out for daily runs has helped her develop her enviable toned body, but denied that she has any cosmetic surgery other than a post-baby tummy tuck - in 2004, she gave birth to sextuplets. She also denied that she has hired a personal trainer to help her lose the baby weight, and spoke about the virtues of a certain 'lift eye gel', saying, "That stuff is my Botox in a jar. I started using it and two weeks later the rumours started. It's a shame though, that I start looking better and instantly there has to be something else - surgeries, something - behind it?".
Gosselin rose to fame with her ex-husband Jon on the reality television show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'. The show followed the family through their daily lives, specifically, the challenges of raising multiple children. Originally airing on Discovery Health, the show moved to TLC for Seasons 3-5.