Kate Gosselin should seek psychological evaluations for her two 6-year-old children that were recently expelled from school, say experts. The New York Daily News quote DR SUSAN BARTELL, author of 'The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask', as saying the children will not change their behaviour while they continue to appear on the reality show, 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'.
Gosselin's 6-year-old's Collin and Alexis were reportedly expelled from their school for bad behaviour, and Bartell suggests that they may be replicating the actions of their parents, she says, "It's possible that one or both parents has role-modelled anger toward each other and not kept it private. So this is what the kids see, that this is how to handle your anger". There has been speculation that Gosselin may home-school the children, but psychotherapist LEAH LAGOS says they firstly need to be taken out of the reality show, she said, "A divorce is hard enough on kids without also making them perform on a TV show. We have two serious stressors there".
Gosselin has eight children in total, and famously gave birth to sextuplets. Her family life has been documented on the hit show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'.