The star is currently being investigated for money laundering, and reports indicate the allegations stem from her links to El Chapo, real name Joaquin Guzman, who was recaptured by authorities in January (16) after spending six months on the run, a day before Rolling Stone published Penn's article about his meeting with the crime boss.

Last week (ends07Feb16), Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez revealed "a kind of summons had been issued" for del Castillo to testify, but on Tuesday (02Feb16), she filed a writ of amparo in a bid to prevent any future arrests by Mexican authorities, citing potential violations of the Mexican Constitution.

The 43-year-old also filed a suit against Gonzalez, claiming he is leaking information about her to gain political standing following the embarrassment of not being able to track down an escaped convict.

On Thursday(04Feb16), del Castillo was ordered to appear before a judge to testify about her connection to El Chapo. However, the order will only be enforced if she is Mexico.

Castillo's attorney maintains she was not involved in business with the drug lord and insists she was only interested in making a movie.