The 58-year-old singer made her return to the stage in 2014 for a series of live shows - her first since she toured in 1979.

While Kate was widely praised for her comeback performances, she admits her cool and calm exterior on stage may not have been how she felt underneath.

"I'm very pleased that it comes across that way (confidence in my performances), because I don't think I do feel confident all the time. That's obviously how I want it to feel," she told The Fader.

"When you watch a performer you want to feel that it's comfortable (for them), and you're not seeing any sense of the technique behind it. Hopefully you just feel (the emotion). It's very important to me to try and get a sense of emotion to come through the performance."

And when it comes to looking to other artists for inspiration, Kate doesn't look any further than Tina Turner. Citing the singer as her pick for the greatest music performer, Kate explained: "I saw her a long time ago at some open air gig that she was doing. She was just fantastic, the way she burst on stage. She appeared at the top of a flight of stairs, shimmied the whole way down these steps, came straight to the front of stage, and went straight into the song. It was so exciting."

As well as her music, Kate has always made sure that she gets a message across with her music. Now stars like Beyonce are using their offerings to back movements like Black Lives Matter, and that's something Wuthering Heights star Kate is thrilled to see.

"I think musicians have a responsibility to try and do something that is good," she said. "It's so hard. It's very difficult to pull something out of the hat creatively. Although I say it's their responsibility, it's really just people trying to do the best that they can."